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  • MSHA Monday: Speech Therapy and Sensory

    Hello MSHA Members! I am slightly shocked over the cooler weather we’ve been experiencing as summer approaches. This is my last week of ESY, and I wanted to reflect on some career changing ideas in regards to speech and the importance of understanding and incorporating sensory needs. If you have worked with a student or adult that needs information presented in a more kinesthetic or tactile fashion, you may be able to relate to some of the ideas and activities I’ve used this year! This year my fellow OTs showed a video about the “Sensory Funnel” ( CAREER┬áCHANGING. I was […]

  • MSHA Monday: June Update from the MSHA Board

    Hello all! I hope that you are all having a great start to your summer! The weather has finally turned warmer here in Missoula and the days have been lovely lately! Even with the great weather, the Board has been hard at work. Here’s a brief update: The Board met on Saturday for 3/4 day session. We reviewed our strategic plan and our awesome organization has already met many of the action items outlined last summer! We will be outlining new goals and targets in the near future. If you have something you’d like to accomplish as an organization, please […]