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The 2017 Board meeting held their first board meeting in January. MSHA Board Meeting minutes for 1-7-17 are provided in the link below.

MSHA 1.7.2017

Montana Speech Language Hearing Association 2016 Fall Convention Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Helena
Welcome and Introductions: President Jennifer Rindal began the meeting at 6:30pm. She welcomed all participants and noted those in attendance.
Attendance: Those in attendance were: President Jennifer Rindal, Past-President Rachel Stansberry, President-Elect Catherine Drescher, Secretary Diane Simpson, Treasurer Sharlene Schmidt, Audiology Member at Large Kristy Foss, SLP Member at Large Kathleen DeLapp Kohn, UM CSD Chair Amy Glaspey, Political Action Committee Chair Jessica Reynolds, CEA Valeria Schumach, Lezlie Pearce-Hopper and Lobbyist Abigail St. Lawrence
Consent Agenda: Jennifer Rindal reviewed the consent agenda. RachelStansberry made a motion to accept the items in the consent agenda including the minutes from the last Board meeting and the committee reports. Catherine
Drescher seconded the motion. Motion was unanimously approved.
Lobbyist Report: Abigail St. Lawrence spoke to the Board about bills that she is watching for MSHA. Some of these bills include: Education up to the age of twenty-one, any general health care bills, insurance, licensing or social health.
Rachel Stansberry requested that Abigail follow a bill that will prohibit smoking in confined areas when a minor is present. Abigail will follow this bill and keep MSHA updated on its status. The next legislative session will be in 2017. Abigail
will send the MSHA Board weekly emails during the legislative session to update us on the status of bills that affect our professions. Abigail will be working with Jennifer Closson to plan a Lobby Day at the capital. We had a successful Lobby
Day last year. Jessica Reynolds Political Action Chair said that the five areas for bills her committee will be watching are : Insurance, Education, Social Health, Licensing and Telemedicine. Kristy Foss, Audiology Member at large and the MAG
President requested that Abigail also watch any bills regarding hearing aid licensure. Abigail let the Board know that she will be watching for bills in the area of Professional Boards, Licensing, Social Health, Scope of Practice and Insurance.
Executive Board Reports: President Jennifer Rindal commented that using the consent agenda will help to expediate the meetings so that we do not need to go over every report individually.
Treasurer Report: Sharlene Schmidt gave her treasurer’s report to the Board. Our checking account has a balance of $82,419.51. Our Waddell and Reed account has a balance of $35,978.88. We
currently have 247 members. MSHA is doing well financially. Strategic Plan Report: Lezlie Pearce-Hopper showed a presentation about MSHA’s Three Year Strategic Plan. She shared that MSHA’s Mission is “Provide and promote education, networking and advocacy for professionals and the public with quality and compassion.” MSHA’s Vision is “Montanans will access speech/language/audiology services from the highest trained professionals.”MSHA’s Core Values are “Education, Advocacy, Compassion, Quality, Network”.

Lezlie shared MSHA’s Strategic Priorities in the areas of Policy, Membership,
Continuing Education, PR & Marketing, SLPA Licensure and Finances. Lezlie will also present the Three year Strategic Plan to our members during the business luncheon on Friday. Rachel made a motion to add the position Strategic plan facilitator for one year to the Ad-hoc committees. Catherine Drescher seconded the motion. Motion passed. Part of the Strategic Plan involved the possibility of reinstating the Regional Representatives. Audiology Member at Large Kristy Foss made a motion to reinstate the Regional Representatives. Secretary Diane Simpson seconded the motion. The Motion passed.
Action Items

1. Convention Report: Past President Rachel Stansberry reported that the MSHA fall convention will be held in Missoula for 2017 at Ruby’s Convention Center. A discussion ensued as to the location for our 2018 convention. The Board decided on Bozeman and we will begin arranging the site location. Past President Rachel Stansberry would like to make attending our fall convention more affordable for students. Rachel Stansberry made a motion to allow current student MSHA members to attend the fall convention at no cost. Kristy Foss seconded the motion. The motion passed. It was noted that at the next MSHA Board meeting the o
2. Political Action: Jessica Reynolds, Political Action chair will have a table in the Vendors section. She will have an email list sign up for anyone interested in receiving email legislative updates. She will also have an
election pitting Flo against Floyd. Who will win? Come and cast your vote. It will cost a dollar per vote and the money will go to the political action committee to defray costs for people driving to testify about legislative bills
that will impact our profession.
3. Continuing Education: Valeria Schumach has resigned as our CEA effective January 1, 2017. We will need to find someone to fill this position. Valeria asked the Board if they want to continue to charge a fee to process MSHA CEU’s. Past President Rachel Stansberry made a motion to abolish the processing fee for MSHA CEU’s. Secretary Diane Simpson seconded the motion. The motion passed.
4. Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology Update: Lezlie Pearce-Hopper reported that the next meeting of the Board will be December 7, 2016. At the last Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology meeting the Board members made changes to the Jurisprudence exam. People can now take the exam as many times as needed. They also changed some of the questions and have made it easier to find the information.
5. UM Update: Amy Glaspey, chair of the CSD department shared that they have launched UM-OUTREACH which stands for UM Online University Training for Rural and Equitable Accessibility in Communication Habilitation. Two-thirds of the funding from the grant will go to supporting students with tuition and travel expenses. The grant also allows technological expansion of the CSD department. Amy Glaspey also shared that the CSD department is expanding the stuttering program with the addition of a new faculty member.
Brochures: There will be brochures that will be placed on the Strategic Plan table in the Vendor section for members to take that explain What is a MT SLP, What is a MT Audiologist and Why be a MSHA member. Business Meeting: President Jennifer Rindal reviewed the agenda for the Business Meeting to be held this Friday. Highlights include approval of the October 16, 2015 Business Meeting minutes, Elections of Board Officers (President-Elect, Secretary, SLP Member at Large), Summary of the three year strategic plan, Board of Examiners update, legislative summary and membership report. There will also be an opportunity for our members to
discuss issues of importance at the table of their choice. Table topics include: telepractice, prevention, website, PR, medical based professionals,and more.

Adjourn: Audiology Member at Large Kristy Foss made a motion to adjourn the meeting. President-Elect Catherine Drescher seconded the motion.
The motion passed


January 24, 2016  Web Based Meeting

1. Call To Order (6:00 pm), welcome and introduction of all in attendance: Jennifer Rindal, Amy

Glaspey, Catherine Drescher, Sharlene Schmidt, Kathleen DeLapp, Diane Simpson.

2. Review of Board Minutes: December 15, 2015

MOTION – Catherine made a motion to accept the minutes. This was seconded by Shar. The

3. Review of Committee Reports – (Jennifer Rindal)

The various reports were reviewed. Specific items discussed include:

 Kathleen has organized a group of medical SLPs and has asked them to join MSHA. She

will continue to interact with this group and will see if she can get them more involved.

 Fall convention – Jennifer reported that Pearson Education has agreed to sponsor a

speaker. Also there is discussion about partnering with MASP for the conference.

 Shar corrected the community outreach balance. It is really $702.45 instead of what

was reported by Leah.

 Amy discussed SCHWA activities and mentioned that the Board needs to decide about

the graduation luncheon (date, time, details, etc.).

4. Licensure – (Jennifer Rindal)

We are currently in a holding pattern awaiting the licensure board to have a meeting. This is

suspected to occur in March.

5. Telepractice – (Diane Simpson)

ASHA has recommended that each state association have a formal telepractice committee. The

Board agrees this is a good idea.

MOTION – Catherine made a motion to add Telepractice as an ad hoc committee. This was

seconded by Shar. The motion PASSED.

Diane, Catherine and Kathleen agreed to serve on this committee. For now, Diane will chair.

6. SIG 18 – (Diane Simpson)

Diane outlined the struggles SLPs and audiologists face in Montana regarding fair salaries and

benefits. This results in a shortage of providers. She posed the question of whether or not MSHA

wants to advocate for the membership on this issue (or perhaps partner with the University). All

agreed that this is a big issue. Catherine suggested getting MAG involved with this as well. Diane is

gathering information to help members when negotiating salaries and benefits.

7. Grants & Awards – (Jennifer Rindal)

Last year both Jennifer Closson and Catherine Off were nominated for the ASHA clinical

achievement award. Ultimately, Jennifer was chosen for this. Do we want to nominate Catherine

this year or look for other candidates? It was decided to make a call for other nominees and have a

vote if needed, but that Catherine is clearly a wonderful choice.

8. Facebook – (Jennifer Rindal)

Jennifer asked for suggestions for content to post to the Facebook page.

9. MSHA Initiated Events – (Jennifer Rindal)

Jennifer reviewed the statement composed by Rachel Stansberry regarding waiver of fees for CEUs

obtained at MSHA initiated events.

MOTION – Shar made a motion to accept the statement as written. This was seconded by

Catherine. The motion PASSED.

10. Communicator – (Shar Schmidt)

Shar questioned whether or not we want to continue with the printed Communicator or move to a

digital format. Most Board members agreed that the printed format should continue. Shar asked if

we should send a “tidbit” in the months when no Communicator goes out. The Board agreed this is

a good idea. Shar asked for new ideas for content. These should be submitted to Shar by February

3rd. Catherine will help with proofreading.

11. CSAP/ASHA – (Jennifer Rindal)

Jennifer asked if Catherine wants to attend this meeting. The Spring CSAP is in May in New Mexico,

the Fall meeting is in conjunction with ASHA in Philadelphia. Catherine will check her schedule and

get an answer to Jennifer soon.

12. Review of 2015 Goals and New Goals for 2016 – (Jennifer Rindal)

Jennifer reviewed the 2015 goals and our progress with each. She recommended that we continue

with those and perhaps add some new goals for 2016. Kathleen suggested a goal of increasing the

membership and participation of the medical, school and student membership. Catherine added

that audiology should be included as well. Catherine will write something outlining MSHA’s

contribution to the field of audiology and will submit to Shar for distribution.

The date and time of the next meeting will be determined.

With no other business being brought forward for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


Annual Business Meetings

MSHA Minutes – Annual Business Meeting
October 16, 2015

Crowne Plaza

  1. Call To Order (7:20am), welcome and introduction of Executive Board – (Rachel Stansberry)
  2. Recognition of Those Leaving the Board – (Rachel Stansberry)
  3. Review of Annual Business Meeting Minutes: October 16, 2014
    MOTION – Alida Wright made a motion to accept the minutes.  This was seconded by Marilyn Thaden.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.
  4. Treasurer’s Report – (Sharlene Schmidt)
    Shar reviewed the Treasurer’s report and mentioned that MSHA is in a good financial position right now.  She made a call to action for members to renew their memberships and/or become a member.
  5. Review of Committee Reports – (Rachel Stansberry)
    The various committee reports were reviewed by the membership.  Janice Hayes-Strom reviewed the SEAL report and made special mention of issues such as making up missed sessions and schools receiving prescriptions for services.  Jenny Nitz joined her in discussing ASHA advisory council.  Jenny’s term will end in 2016.  She made a call for nominations.  Carol Morse reviewed the STAMP/STAR issues.  Particular attention was paid to Medicaid and coding.
  6. Review of Goals and Accomplishments for 2014 – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel reviewed the goals as set by the Board earlier in the year.  All goals were met.  She reviewed the new webpage and asked any interested parties to participate in the blog section on the site.
  7. University of Montana SCD Update – (Amy Glaspey)
    Amy discussed the many SCHWA activities and programs.  The students have been busy and have been doing a lot of wonderful things.  She introduced Julie Wolter as a new instructor at the University.  She revealed that the University will soon offer a PhD in communications disorders.  There will be a new building on campus which will have conference rooms available.  She made a call for support from the MSHA membership for this cause.  A notice will be posted on the MSHA website so that donations can be made.
  8. Announcement of Candidates for Board – (Rachel Stansberry)
    One candidate has been brought forward for President-Elect, one candidate has been brought forward for Secretary and one candidate has been brought forward for SLP Member-at-Large.  These individuals are Catherine Drescher, Bridgette Watters and Kathleen DeLapp-Cohn (respectively).  A call for other nominations did not yield any other candidates.
    MOTION – Jenn Closson made a motion to accept Catherine Drescher for the position of President-Elect.  This was seconded by Alida Wright.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.
    MOTION – Diane Simpson made a motion to accept Bridgette Watters for the position of Secretary.  This was seconded by Alida Wright.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.
    MOTION – Alida Wright made a motion to accept Kathleen DeLapp-Cohn for the position of SLP Member-at-Large.  This was seconded by Catherine Drescher.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.
  9. 2016 Convention – (Rachel Stansberry)
    The Great Northern in Helena has been secured for the 2016 convention.  The dates of the conference will be October 20 – 22.

With no other business being brought forward for discussion the meeting was adjourned.


MSHA Minutes – Annual Business Meeting
October 16, 2014

Ruby’s Inn and Conference Center

  1. Call To Order (12:20pm), Welcome and introduction of Executive Board – (Jenn Closson)
  2. Recognition of Those Leaving the Board – (Jenn Closson)
  3. Reveal of New MSHA Website – (Jenn Closson with Corinne Spencer)
  4. Review of Annual Business Meeting Minutes: October 17, 2013
    MOTION – Alida Wright made a motion to accept the minutes.  This was seconded by Jamie Frost.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.
  5. Review of Goals and Accomplishments for 2014 – (Jenn Closson)
    Jenn reviewed the goals as set by the Board earlier in the year.  All goals were met.
  6. Review of Committee Reports – (Jenn Closson)
    The various committee reports were reviewed by the membership.  Special mention and thanks were given to Carol Morse for her excellent work on the SMAC/STARS committee.
  7. Treasurer’s Report – (Sharlene Schmidt)
    Shar reviewed the Treasurer’s report and mentioned that MSHA is in a good financial position right now.  Jenn commented that MSHA is one of only three state associations with enough funds to cover one year’s budget and have one year in reserve.
  8. Announcement of Candidates for Board – (Rachel Stansberry)
    One candidate has been brought forward for President-Elect and one candidate has been brought forward for SLP Member-at-Large.  These individuals are Jennifer Rindal and Molly Beck (respectively).  A call for other nominations did not yield any other candidates.
    MOTION – Rachel Stansberry made a motion to accept these two candidates for the respective positions of President-Elect and SLP Member-at-Large.  This was seconded by Jennifer Closson.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.
  9. University of Montana SCD Update – (Amy Glaspey)
    Many excellent things have been happening at the University.  There is a theme of “Celebrating our 100 Best” this year.  The University SCD program has been accredited, which is a huge accomplishment.  There have been more than 100 graduates from the program.  The program continues to have a 100% pass rate on the Praxis and a 100% employment rate following graduation.  The students have been active and are doing a lot of wonderful work.  Amy also mentioned Operation Smile, SCHWA, Chronicle, Mosaic, Yeti, Big Sky Aphasia, Early Literacy and hearing research that is ongoing at the University.
  10. Other Business – (Jenn Closson)
    Jenn reminded the membership about the letter that went out to all SLPs and audiologists in the state regarding the telepractice issue and the billing of E&M codes.  She related the decision made by the Executive Board to retain the lobbyist for help with the E&M code issue at a rate of $5000.  The letter yielded approximately $1800 in donations.  She requested support from the membership regarding these issues and stated that donations could be made at any time.
  11. 2015 Convention – (Rachel Stansberry)
    The Crowne Plaza in Billings has been secured for the 2015 convention.  The dates of the conference will be October 15 – 17.

With no other business being brought forward for discussion, a MOTION was made by Diane Simpson for adjournment.  This was seconded by Alida Wright.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.


Executive Board Meetings


  1. Meeting Called to Order at 5:05 pm (Rachel Stansberry).
  2. Review of October 14th Executive Board minutes. Jenn Closson made motion to accept; Lisa Cannon seconded; motion carried to accept minutes.
  3. Interim Committee Review (Jessica Reynolds).
    1. MSHA Board has agreed to send to licensure board in January 2016 to again address fee increase.  Two areas of focus will be 1) encouraging private practice SLPs to address the financial burden on small independent practices and 2) encouraging school administrators to participate in letter writing, also to address the financial burden on school districts who pay for SLP license renewals.  Jessica Reynolds will write draft of letter and send to MSHA members via email blast and through The Communicator.  We are proposing a 2 year renewal, rather than our current annual renewal.
    2. Discussed contacting legislators to sponsor Transition Services Bill. Jessica Reynolds is taking the lead on conducting research showing the advantages of continuing education through age 21 years for students with disabilities to present to legislators.  She will be receiving list of hold over Senators.  Jessica has begun this research and will enlist the assistance of SCHWA to conduct the research.  Jessica will provide SCHWA with parameters/guidelines for acceptable research.
    3. Jenn Closson brought up two other issues: 1) caseload size and 2) SLP-A designation. Rachel Stansberry suggested that these issues could be addressed in the rules, rather than spending money for legislative action.  Other issues that will be addressed through rule are the current telepractice requirement for face-to-face initial evaluations and the 4 hours required for training prior to engaging in telepractice.  We want to adopt ASHA rules to address these concerns.
  4. CEU Concerns ( Valeria Schmauch).
    1. Board voted to waive $50 fee for MSHA Board initiated or special interest group offerings, including MSHA/MAG annual conferences.
    2. For Co-op offerings, CEU fee schedule is as follows:
      • ASHA/MSHA: $375
      • ASHA Only: $325
      • MSHA Only: $50

      Those in charge of said events must decide up front which CEUs they are applying for so that Valeria knows how much to charge.

    3. Events coming up for CEU approval were both approved by the Board.  They include Chris Merriman’s Supervision conference and MCEC.  Rachel Stansberry will act as MSHA member at MCEC.  There are 4 independent studies asking for ASHA CEUs.  Rachel asked for private consultation/review with Valeria separate from this Board meeting due to time constraints and complexity of issues.  Valeria sends those asking for approval of independent studies a list of acceptable activities, per ASHA.  It was also brought up that presenters only get one time approval for CEUs for the same presentations done multiple times.
  5. CSAP/ASHA (Jennifer Rindal summarized the conference highlights).
    ASHA is currently focusing on 35 and under age group for membership recruitment.  Oregon uses pod casts and has demonstrated success with it.  University collaboration and student involvement are important for membership efforts.  MSHA Board agreed that MT has a strong connection with U of M and student participation.  MSHA received 4th place award in the state association challenge to increase member/voter participation in 2015.
  6. Survey for Getting Word Out grant (Rachel Stansberry). MSHA Board will be sending out a single comprehensive survey to members regarding caseloads, state rules, and website in January, rather than doing two separate surveys.  Rachel has asked that any suggestions be submitted to her via email.
  7. Website (Rachel Stansberry). Rachel is working on updating and will be adding 2015 award winners.  We are trying to induce blog activity on MSHA website.
  8. Licensure Fee Issue (Rachel Stansberry). MSHA is working directly with the licensure board, as well as with the interim committee.   A meeting of the new licensure board is expected to take place in January, 2016.
  9. Medical SLP Group Formation (Rachel Stansberry).   Laurie Slovarp will take the lead in recruiting and contacting members.  We do not anticipate that they will have a separate annual convention from the MSHA Fall Convention.
  10. What Worked and What Didn’t as MSHA Board (Board Members Present). There was a consensus that we like to meet face to face, but the cost and time elements are not practical.  Video conferencing has worked well this year and is getting easier to do.  Members felt that video meetings were productive.  Members agreed that the board was able to work together to move things forward and build on previous year’s accomplishments, as well as being able to make hard decisions as a group.  Serving on the board is a good way to understand what MSHA does for its members.
  11. MSHA Convention – 2016 (Rachel Stansberry). Rachel will serve as site coordinator in Helena.  Discussed presenters and ability to cover costs, as well as the need to raise money via grants or sponsored donations for James Hall for audiologists.  Catherine Drescher will contact Rachel regarding costs and funding for Dr. Hall.  Presenters for MSHA 2017 in Missoula are being considered for the SLPs.  They include Sarah Ward and Mary Hardin Jones.
  12. Board Training (Rachel Stansberry). Eileen Crowe has offered to train MSHA board members.  Discussed scheduling this in the spring of 2016 and have it coincide with Rite Care Spring Clinic.
  13. ASHA Advisory Council – Trying to get Jessica Reynolds approved for MT.
  14. University of Montana Report (Amy Glaspey/Jennifer Closson). 1st level approval for Ph.D program in speech-language pathology.  Amy is working on a department newsletter and a grant for those students interested in providing speech services on the reservations.  The grant would provide $250K per annum.  Operation Smile funded 20 surgeries in 2015.
  15. Review of Committee Reports. Regarding telepractice, Diane Simpson and Rachel Stansberry are hoping to provide monthly offerings on different topics.
  16. Recognize Exiting Board Members –(Board Members Present). Thanks to Jennifer Closson and Molly Beck for their hard work on behalf of MSHA.
  17. Meeting Adjourned at 6:56 pm.

MSHA Minutes – Executive Board Meeting
October 14, 2015

Crowne Plaza, Billings

  1. Call To Order (7:00pm), welcome and introduction of all in attendance: Rachel Stansberry, Amy Glaspey, Catherine Drescher, Jennifer Closson, Lisa Cannon, Sarah Scheid, Sharlene Schmidt, Molly Beck, Valeria Schmauch, Jennifer Rindal, Diane Simpson.
  2. Review of Board Minutes: September 9, 2015
    MOTION – Jennifer Closson made a motion to accept the minutes.  This was seconded by Jennifer Rindal.  The motion PASSED.
  3. Speaker Suggestion for 2016 – (Doug Rehder)
    Doug made a suggestion for a speaker on the topic of coding for the 2016 convention.  His initial thought was to ask Kim Cavett, but she is not available.  Deb Abell from the ADA stated that she would be interested and able to come.  Doug mentioned that she would be appropriate for both the SLP and AUD groups.  Rachel suggested that we have Deb speak on Friday of the convention (full day).  She (or Jennifer Rindal) will send the contract information to Doug so that he can arrange things with Deb.
  4. Convention Update – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel thanked all of those involved in convention planning.  She stated that the estimated cost of the convention was approximately $13,000.  We have a $2500 grant coming from OPI.  Shar stated that the registration fees collected should be sufficient to cover the cost of the convention.  Amy mentioned that she needs judges for the poster session.
  5. ASHA Grant – (Rachel Stansberry)
    MSHA was awarded a grant from ASHA.  This will be used to continue development and maintenance of the website, the purchase of Survey Monkey and eventually a web-based meeting platform.  Discussion of which platform to purchase.  No final decision was made regarding the specifics of the platform.
  6. ASHA Recognition – (Jenn Rindal)
    Jenn Rindal stated that everything has been completed and that the deadline was met.
  7. Membership – (Rachel Stansberry)
    The current MSHA membership is 291.  Rachel would like to see this continue to grow, especially on the East side of the state.  She asked for ideas on how to make this happen.
  8. Review of Committee Reports – (Rachel Stansberry)
    The various committee reports were reviewed.  A couple of specific items were:
  • Shar asked whether or not we want to consider sending out the Communicator in digital form. An alternating rotation was discussed.
  • Leah Jacobson has been appointed to the licensure board.
  • Valeria had a question about ASHA vs MSHA CEUs and how she should handle this. She would like to vacate her position as CEU administrator by 2017.  We will look for someone to take this over and hopefully be able to train with Valeria in 2016.  There was discussion regarding how much effort MSHA wants to put into finding CEU opportunities for folks as it is easy to earn 18 credits per year at the convention.
  • Licensure Issue – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel discussed her continued frustration with the lack of responsiveness from the licensure board.  Options about how to proceed were discussed.  Charlie Briggs was suggested as a new lobbyist.  This issue will be discussed at the membership business meeting at the convention (October 16th).
  • Survey – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel reminded us that we now have Survey Monkey available.  She requested ideas for the next survey for the membership.  Each Board member will send her an idea or suggestion for survey questions.
  • Next Meeting Date
    The date and time of the next meeting will be determined.

With no other business being brought forward for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


MSHA Minutes – Executive Board Meeting
September 9, 2015

Web Meeting

  1. Call To Order (7:00pm), welcome and introduction of all in attendance: Rachel Stansberry, Amy Glaspey, Catherine Drescher, Jennifer Closson, Jessica Reynolds, Lisa Cannon, Sarah Scheid, Sharlene Schmidt, Molly Beck, Bev Pickett, Valeria Schmauch, Jennifer Rindal.
  2. Review of Board Minutes: June 9, 2015
    MOTION – Shar made a motion to accept the minutes.  This was seconded by Molly.  The motion PASSED.
  3. Awards – (Molly Beck)
    Molly put a call for nominations up on Facebook and the website and has received some responses.  The deadline for nominations is September 28.  Nominees include Jenn Closson, Alida Wright and Lucy Hart Paulson.
  4. Convention Update – (Bev Pickett)
    Bev reviewed the plans for the upcoming fall convention.  Specific items discussed include:
  1. Poster session – the titles and abstracts for the posters will be uploaded to the website. The only hard copies that will be printed will be the titles.
  2. Vendors – Five companies have paid for tables. Lisa will help with vendor set up on site.
  3. Door prizes – Doug Doty will donate some books, Lisa has items for the audiologists, and Diane Simpson has the raffle tickets.
  4. Luncheon – Jenn Closson will give a student headcount to Rachel so that she can order food for the student lunch. Discussion of a possible sponsorship of the student lunch (will the University contribute? Tiny Eye?  MSHA?).  Catherine will speak to Audiology Systems about sponsoring a meal.
  5. Business meeting – This will be a breakfast meeting this year (Friday morning). It will start at 7:00AM and will end by 8:00 so that the scheduled speaker can begin by 8:15.
  6. Registration – So far 64 participants have registered. Rachel reminded us that the Board members need to register.  Shar stated that we generally get a lot of registrations closer to the convention date.
  7. Student participation – Jenn Closson stated that the students will help with speaker introductions and possibly the social and silent auction as well.
  8. CEUs – Valeria has submitted the information to request CEUs for the conference.
  9. Speakers – Rachel reported that all the speakers are ready to go and everything is in place for them. She will submit any equipment requests to Bev.  The handouts will be uploaded to the website and/or emailed to participants prior to the convention.  A few extra copies will be available for sale onsite (fee of $10).  Printing “on demand” may also be an option.
  10. Silent auction – Eve Tolbert is not able to help with this. Discussion of other folks who would be willing to take this on.  Rachel will contact Tina Hoagland to see if she would be interested.  Discussion of donations/items.  How many items do we want?  What is the best way to set things up?  Lisa suggested that we have the donation forms filled out prior to the convention in order to save time and frustration.
  • PAC – (Jessica Reynolds)
    Jessica reported that Abi presented to the Economic Affairs Interim Committee regarding the licensure fee issue.  Abi and Jessica plan to attend the December meeting for this committee to keep MSHA present and visible.  Jessica is still working on the compilation of information regarding licensure in other states.  Jessica also has work in progress regarding the anti-bullying memo.
  • Candidates for the New Board – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel confirmed the current list of candidates for the Board.  As I have it listed: Jenn Rindal will be president in 2016, Catherine will be president-elect, Rachel will be past-president, Shar will be treasurer and Molly will be secretary.  Two at-large positions need to be filled as Lisa will be leaving the Board in 2016.  Rachel suggested that we look in the Eastern side of the state to perhaps garner more involvement from that region.
  • ASHA Grant – (Rachel Stansberry)
    MSHA was awarded a grant from ASHA.  This will be used to continue development and maintenance of the website, the purchase of Survey Monkey and eventually a web-based meeting platform.  Discussion of which platform to purchase.  No final decision was made regarding the specifics of the platform.
  • Document to Help With Recruitment/Retention of Directors – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel reported that MSHA needs to take caution here due to anti-trust laws.  She is continuing to work on this document.
  • Archives – (Rachel Stansberry)
    All historical data has now been archived and is available on the website.  Rachel found a company who did this at a very reasonable price.
  • ASHA/CSAP in Denver – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Jenn Rindal and Molly are planning to attend this meeting.
  • ASHA Recognition – (Jenn Rindal)
    MSHA needs to review the current Bylaws and Code of Ethics to ensure that they comply with ASHA standards.  Jenn has been working on this with Lisa and Jenn Closson.  The deadline is October 1.  Jenn Rindal stated that everything looks great and that meeting this deadline will not be a problem.
  • Membership – (Rachel Stansberry)
    The current MSHA membership is 263.  Rachel would like to see this continue to grow, especially on the East side of the state.  She asked for ideas on how to make this happen.
  • Review of Committee Reports – (Rachel Stansberry)
    The various committee reports were reviewed.  A couple of specific items were:
  • Valeria requested an approval for CEUs of the Neural Injury Center’s conference on mild TBI in November. This was approved as it seems like a great conference.
  • Leah Jacobson has applied for the vacant audiologist position on the licensure board.
  • Thank you notes from the scholarship winners will be put in the Communicator. Discussion of how to honor the applicants as they were all excellent.
  • MOTION – Jenn Closson made a motion to award all of the scholarship applicants a free MSHA membership for one year. This was seconded by Shar.  The motion PASSED.
  • Contribution to ASHA Foundation – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel asked whether or not MSHA wants to contribute to the ASHA Foundation and, if so, how much.
    MOTION – Jenn Rindal made a motion that MSHA contribute $500 to the ASHA Foundation.  This was seconded by Lisa Cannon.  The motion PASSED.
  • Use of Mailing Labels – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel asked what the best use of these labels would be and when do we want to use them.  After discussion it was decided that the labels will be used prior to the convention to send out the Communicator with a special one-page insert outlining what MSHA does for the membership, the conference agenda and key issues that will be discussed at the business meeting.  Rachel and Lisa will work on this insert and send it to Shar.
  • Next Meeting Date
    The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 14th at the Crowne Plaza in Billings.  The start time will be approximately 6:00PM.
    With no other business being brought forward for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


MSHA Minutes – Executive Board Meeting
June 9, 2015

Web Meeting

  1. Call To Order (7:01PM), welcome and introduction of all in attendance: Rachel Stansberry, Sharlene Schmidt, Molly Beck, Diane Simpson, Jennifer Closson, Amy Glaspey, Catherine Drescher, Jessica Reynolds, Carol Morse and Bev Pickett.
  2. Review of Board Minutes: April 11, 2015
    MOTION – Molly made a motion to accept the minutes, as amended.  This was seconded by Shar.  The motion passed.
  3. Review of Committee Reports –
    1. Treasurer – (Shar Schmidt): Shar reviewed the amounts in our various accounts. She stated that MSHA is in a comfortable financial position.  She still needs to pay out the scholarships recently awarded.
    2. PAC – (Jessica Reynolds): Jessica reviewed the PAC report. MSHA has been forwarding all questions regarding E&M codes to Doug and Crystal at Rehder clinic.  MAG is attempting to call in a speaker to do training.  Jessica stated that she may put something out in the Communicator and/or on the website about E&M.  She also wants to create a document for distribution regarding the new bullying legislation, particularly how it compares to IDEA.  She will reach out to OPI on this issue.
    3. Honors – (Molly Beck): Molly will create a list of awards that are available and make a call for nominations for each. This will be posted in the Communicator and also on the website.
    4. Ethics – (Rachel Stansberry): No complaints reported.
    5. SMAC/STARS – (Carol Morse): Carol reviewed her report. She highlighted the Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the “two midnight rule” and Medicaid issues.  She will be preparing a report of issues present in Montana as they relate to the needs of the state.  This will be shared with representatives from each state resulting in an accessible network of information.  Carol will be attending the national STARS meeting in July.
    6. Continuing Education – (Jenn Closson): Jenn reviewed the guidelines for cooperative CEU courses and reiterated that MSHA needs to enforce these guidelines. Two cooperative events have been planned for this summer.  There was discussion regarding a potential “contract” situation for future cooperative events.  It was ultimately decided that we would stay with the current plan and put the onus of responsibility on the individual or group wanting cooperative CEUs.
    7. Fall Convention – (Bev Pickett): The flyer regarding the convention is nearly ready. Early bird registration is set for August 1.  Bev wants to wait until the PayPal function on the website is ready before she sends out the flyers.  Some vendors have already signed up.  Bev plans to visit the convention site in the near future.  Amy will put out a call for professional poster submissions, but requests that each Board member also solicit entries.  Amy volunteered to host or post a tutorial regarding how to do a poster and/or ideas for posters.  Rachel will send speaker information to Bev so that it can be posted on the website.
    8. Licensure – (Rachel Stansberry): Rachel mentioned that the chair position for this committee is vacant and requested names of potential candidates. After repeated emails and requests for information from the licensure board received no response, Rachel contacted the Governor’s office for assistance.  This garnered one response from the licensure board, but no more.  Rachel will continue her letter writing campaign and will send out a plan for action to all Board members and to the membership.
    9. 2015 Summer Institute – (Diane Simpson): Diane stated that there are several alternate offerings available this summer and does not think that the summer institute will be viable in 2015. It is possible that this event has outlived its time.  Consideration will be given regarding future events.
    10. SEAL – (Rachel Stansberry): Rachel referred the Board to the report filed by Janis Hayes-Strom.
    11. Advisory Council – (Rachel Stansberry): Discussion of filling vacancies on the council when Jenny Nitz’s term is completed.
    12. Prevention – (Diane Simpson): Diane reported on her recent opportunity to judge a science fair at which she was able to discuss prevention with the students. She also spoke to many elementary school providers for BSHM.  The concept of having a dedicated “prevention month” was discussed.  Diane will write up some suggestions for this and will find a banner to post on the Facebook page.
    13. Community Outreach – (Sharlene Schmidt): Shar has received three requests totaling $900. A balance of $1139 remains in the fund after these have been paid.
    14. CSPD – (Jenn Closson): Jenn attended a recent CSPD meeting. She was given permission to use a new rating scale for presentations and conferences.  Jenn will share this.  She raised the question as to whether or not MSHA should adopt a scale to have a quantifiable way to rate our conferences.
    15. Website – (Rachel Stansberry): Rachel reported that the website is still a work in progress but most of the tabs have content posted. Committee reports still need to be uploaded.  Discussion regarding website maintenance and who should be responsible for that, whether it be Corinne or someone else.  Rachel thinks that it is okay to keep Corinne on this for now.  She and Diane will work toward the completion of the website and will also write up a contract for continued service provision.
    16. Public Relations – (Rachel Stansberry): Kitty Griffin requested $1100 for convention items. Discussion regarding the feasibility of this and how to best monitor the inventory.
      MOTION – Shar made a motion to approve Kitty’s request with the stipulation that the merchandise table be located in the speaker room and that it be attended at all times.  This was seconded by Jenn.  The motion passed.
    17. SCHWA – (Amy Glaspey): Amy reviewed recent student activities including a presence at the monster truck show. The UM program celebrated its 121st graduate this spring, and maintains a 100% passing rate on the Praxis.  New SCHWA officers are incoming.  Operation SMILE continues to do great things.
    18. Scholarship – (Rachel Stansberry): Rachel announced the winners of the scholarships. These names have been posted on the website.  Discussion regarding the application process and the need to change it somewhat in order to have a clearer feel for the candidates as they are all very deserving.  Amy reported that the Laura Jo McKamey scholarship fund is up to $8000.
    19. Telepractice – (Diane Simpson): Diane reported that she has been giving a series of talks on the topic. She sent a survey to administrators, but did not receive any responses.  She stated that she will try this again in the fall.  Diane is gathering data regarding outcomes.  She stated that Pearson is considering providing online assessments.
  4. May is Better Speech and Hearing Month follow up – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel reported that the banner contest went very well and there were several outstanding submissions.  These have been posted on the Facebook page in a rotation.  She did not get a good response to the trivia contest.
  5. 2015 Grants, Awards & Applications – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel has applied for two ASHA grants.  One to help pay the fees incurred by Abi and the other to continue work on the website.
    Rachel stated that this is on her to-do list.
  6. Potential Candidates for MSHA Board – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel reported that there will be some vacancies on the Board that will need to be filled.  Lisa Cannon has requested to leave her position as Audiology Member At-Large.  Discussion regarding potential shift of current Board members to fill other roles pending response from membership and other candidates.  Rachel will circulate an email regarding the vacancies with a call for nominations.
  7. Archiving Old Materials – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Rachel and Jennifer Rindal plan to go through all of the materials to determine what needs to be archived.  She set a deadline of June 17th for this.  Jenn Closson stated that student help would still be available.
  8. ASHA/CSAP – (Rachel Stansberry)
    Jennifer Rindal will be going to ASHA in Denver using MSHA’s free registration.  Jenn Closson may go to CSAP as Rachel is unable to attend.
  9. Other – (Rachel Stansberry)
    • Rachel initiated discussion regarding offering retirees a reduced membership rate. Several options were discussed, including offering them the student rate and/or a lifetime membership.  Rachel will send out an email asking for Board members to vote on this.
    • Rachel discussed that MSHA has one free “blast” communication available from ASHA. Discussion of the best way to utilize this, whether it is an eblast or a traditional mailing, and what the content should be.  After discussion of the pros and cons of each option, it was decided that an eblast would be sent as Jenn Closson has a mailing list of ASHA members that could be used for other communications.  Rachel will send out an email to the Board regarding the details of this eblast and will ask for a vote at that time.
  10. Next Meeting Date
    *This was not finalized but will likely be in the end of August.

With no other business being brought forward for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


Executive Board Meeting Minutes 04/11/15
9:30-12:30 Scottish Rite Language Disorders Clinic

(8:30-9:30- Conference call with ASHA on membership recruitment, attended by Jenn C and Jenn R, Rachel, Molly)

9:30 Call to Order:  Rachel Stansberry

Introduction of those in Attendance: Rachel Stansberry, Jennifer Rindal, Molly Beck, Jennifer Clossen, Lisa Cannon, Valeria Schmauch, Sara Scheid, and Jessica Reynolds.

Review of Board Meeting Minutes from 01/10/15: Jennifer C proposed changes to attendance spelling errors. Jennifer R Approved minutes as amended, this was seconded by Jenn C.  Motion Carried.

Committee Reports:

Standing Committees:

Treasurer: We reviewed the report from Sharlene. Rachel acknowledged the profit of $16,517 on Fall Convention. Our biggest expense is the lobbyist. Our board meetings have been frugal. We have had new memberships from continuing education offerings.

Political Action:  Jessica Reynolds reviewed her report.

SB 192 passed committee and had an amendment to expand it to include addiction counselors. There was question by Jenn C if our lobbyist was utilized to the benefit of addiction counselors. The bill will go back to the Senate due to the amendment. She is confident it will pass.

HB 318 (Down Syndrome) was amended to allow out of state pharmacies. It has been bouncing between houses due to amendments but has been passing with good margins.

HB 451 has been killed (education through age 21). By the time next year, we will have a brief written by a student regarding the need for education through age 21.

Helena School SLP concerns: Teachers receive a onetime $3000 stipend from OPI when they pass the national boards. The SLPs would like to be included in order to aid in recruitment. This request was denied by their board. Jessica wondered if this could be brought up in the next legislative session. Jenn C noted that SLP enter pay scale on the master’s level which is higher than starting teachers.  The co-op in Missoula offers a $2000 sign on bonus and also 5 year and 10 bonuses. Lewistown did a loan repayment for the first three years. Jenn C proposed making a one page memo listing options for recruitment and retention possibilities to distribute.  Rachel was in favor of this and will create a document, Jenn C has offered to edit it. Rachel will include information on the salary survey when she compiles that data.

State Licensure Board: Tina Berg is attempting to apply. Rachel has been trying to get in contact with the board. Due to lack of responsiveness of the board, Rachel wants to take the issue to the governor after the legislative session.   She noted that the Licensure Board also did not respond to concerns in 2001 when fees increased.   The board has not yet provided the requested budget and they have turned over many of their duties over to the Dept of Justice. Lisa is concerned that that complaints can’t be submitted easily on the website. Audiology will try to get another person to apply to the board.

Continuing Education:  Valeria Schmauch. Valeria will be telling organizations that MSHA credits are only given contingent on if MSHA will be present and helping at the registration. The Verbal Behavioral conference did not have a MSHA member involved in the planning. We will have to go forward and give MSHA CEUs, as they have advertized it as such. Nancy Rice will have to attend the conference and collect CEU fees or MSHA will bill the organization.

In regards to MSHA endorsement of CEU content, Valaria would forward requests to the Board for review.

(Jessica Left the Meeting)

Honors:  Molly Beck:  Jennifer Closson was submitted yesterday (by Rachel) for the State Clinical Achievement Award. Alida was submitted for Lifetime Achievement Award.  If she doesn’t get it, we would recognize her on the state level. It would be good to recognize Catherine Off (nominated for Clinical Achievement) at MSHA, or nominated for ASHA next year.

Jenn suggested adding additional awards to specifically recognize non-MSHA board members, students, etc.

Jenn C proposed adding the following five awards:

  1. Graduate Student Clinical Achievement
  2. Undergraduate Student Clinical Achievement
  3. Undergraduate research award
  4. Graduate research award
  5. Off Site Supervisory Award

Jenn R made a motion to accept these new awards. Lisa seconded it and the motion passed.

Ethical Practice:  Lisa Cannon: There are no complaints to report but there has been  no communication from the licensure board. She would like to create an ethical practice road map so people know how to anonymously report complaints and how to handle a complaint on ourselves.

Licensure:  Catherine Off. No report. Rachel will contact Catherine regarding her interest involvement in this committee.

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Summer Institute:   Michelle Garcia Winner is coming this summer via CSPD.  Rachel would rather not call this our “Summer Institute”.  Wyoming is offering an autism conference (June 26th) and is offering a reciprocity agreement, and we are offering the same to them for our fall conference.  Rachel proposed recording a 4 hour session on telepractice that could be purchased for Summer Institute opportunities.  Rachel said these opportunities could call these ‘Summer Offerings’ instead of ‘Summer Institute’.

SEAL:  Janis Hayes-Strom. Submitted late report. See attached. Will go to the schools conference this summer in Phoenix

Fall Convention:

2015 Conference – Oct 15-17 at Crown Plaza. (Board meeting is on the 14th). Rachel Stansberry shared Bev’s report. We will present Story Grammar for two days, Laurie Slovarp will present on Friday and Carole Morse on Saturday AM.  There could also be the option of doing 4 hours of telepractice. Audiology only has one presenter day scheduled so far.

Rachel made hotel room reservations.

Rachel would like to have more professionals offer posters. Rachel and Diane are going to do a telepractice poster. Lisa will put it on the MAG agenda.

Janis has wondered about free housing for students. Jenn C feels it too early but proposed to sending Janis the membership list. The University is handling the student luncheon/room monitors/speaker introductions. MSHA is going to help with food arrangements.

2016 Conference (Oct 20-22, 2016) is secured for Helena. Jenn C will present on YETI. ASHA has offered to do a board training the day before the conference.  Lisa suggested that if 192 passes they will need E & M code training.

Jenn suggested that the new biller at UM has ICD-10 experience and could do a short training. Rachel suggested a MSHA talk and Q & A.  Rachel will contact her.

For future Conferences: Due to the ease and cost effectiveness of Missoula and Helena conferences, Rachel proposed that we try a rotation of a Missoula/Helena/“somewhere else” rotation. Jenn suggested a satellite site for conferences as well.

Rachel made a motion for Missoula as the site for the 2017 conference, Lisa seconded it.  Jenn C is emailing Ruby’s in for Oct 19-20-21, 2017 availability.

SMAC/STARS:  Rachel attended Carol Morse’s Q & A Session. Participates had questions regarding MSHA ICD-10, number of visits vs outcomes, and G codes.

Carol stated the importance of documentation, and to code to the most exact symptom as possible. ASHA has a flyer with AUD/SLP frequently used codes, and G Codes. We could possibly give this as BSHM benefit.

For MCD billing/documenting it is important to relate goals to safety or ADLs for medical necessity.

MCR billing needs a standardized or instrumental assessment.

Music Therapists are wanting to bill on our codes in some states. Currently, they are not up for MT licensure.

Medicare therapy caps: Please call Daines and Tester to support the amendment.

Speech Generating Devices: There are starting to be requests for SGD without an SLP consult.

Advisory Council: Janis Hayes-Strom, Jenny Lee Nitz. Rachel will be requesting for more information from this council.

Prevention:   May is Better Speech and Hearing Month. Jenn C has a testimony story/referral information to potentially share with general practitioners etc. She will email when it’s completed and share with the Board prior to distributing.

Community Outreach:  Leah Jacobson has had no requests. There is $2039.19 available.

CSPD:  Jennifer Closson. Nothing to report.

Website:   Jennifer Closson. Corrine is paid; however, the launch is four months late. Corrine is waiting on getting the rights to the page. At this time, not all of the information to be place on the website has been completed. Due to delays, it was suggested that we get referrals for someone else to maintain the website after the launch.

The Montana MSHA Pinterest page is now available and has now been shared on the facebook page.

Public Relations:  Kitty Griffin. No report.

Student Coordinator/SCHWA:   Jenn C. shared the Advocacy Day report.  Operation Smile just donated funds for 6 surgeries.

Scholarship:  Rachel Stansberry.  Alex Kosanda is on the committee now. Information on the scholarships has been sent via email and facebook. The deadline for applications is May 1st. The current balance is $2887.
The Laura Jo MacKamey scholarship will be requesting donations in the spring Communicator. They awarded a $1000 scholarship to Shelby Swan last night.  MSHA will address our scholarship funding in the fall.

New Business

  1. Communicator: Sharlene would like to mail it out by the end of the month. The following topics were proposed: Schwa, Operation Smile, convention information, Summer Offerings, Board positions, the CEU processing fees, awards, website, facebook, pinterest, legislative update, SMAC, STARS, and student awards.
  2. May is Better Hearing and Speech Month:  We will have regional MSHA Ambassadors conduct “lunch on us” informational/recruitment meetings. It was proposed to have some fun FB trivia/Two Truths and a Lie for FB posting. We could do a drawing for a free MSHA membership for the trivia winners. Rachel will do trivia and Jenn C will do two truths and a lie postings. Jenn R suggested MSHA products such as pens/sticky notes..
  3. Graduation luncheon/graduation activities: Jenn R will be the keynote speaker at the UM luncheon on Friday, May 15. Diane and Catherine will also be attending. Rachel will do the keynote next year.
  4. 2015 Grants, Awards and Applications: 2015 award nominations have been submitted. There are no other pending deadlines. Rachel will email ASHA about pending grants.
  5. Mission Statement/By-law review: After discussion, it was Lisa moved to keep “ improving communication for life”, Jenn C seconded this motion. The motion carried.

By laws need to be reviewed next year for ASHA

  1. Archiving of old materials: There are approximately six boxes of documents. It was proposed that the scanning/archiving of the documents could be completed by a student.

Jenn R made a motion to budget $2000 for scanning and archiving MSHA documents. Lisa seconded this motion and the motion carried. Rachel will write job description and will forward it to Jenn C to distribute. Rachel will then conduct interviews.

  1. SLP aide/assistant certification in Montana. Previously looked at in 1998 and in 2000. There are individuals that would like to work at the BA level, but not at an aide salary. This could also be mention on the recruitment and retention suggestions document.
  2. Other items? We completed all of the goals set in January!
  3. Next meeting: Rachel will send a survey monkey regarding dates for a June meeting.


MSHA Minutes – Executive Board Meeting

January 10, 2015
Scottish Rite Clinic
Great Falls

  1. Call To Order (8:30AM), welcome and introduction of all in attendance: Rachel Stansberry, Sharlene Schmidt, Jennifer Rindal, Molly Beck, Diane Simpson. The following members attended via remote: Jennifer Clausen, Amy Glaspey, Catherine Drescher, Lisa Cannon, Jessica Reynolds, Sara Scheid, and Valeria Schmauch.
  2. Review of Board Minutes: September 3, 2014
    MOTION – Molly made a motion to accept the minutes.  This was seconded by Shar.  The motion passed.
  3. Review of Committee Reports –
    1. Treasurer – (Shar Schmidt): Shar reviewed the amounts in our various accounts. She stated that we made nearly $19,000 profit on the fall convention.
    2. PAC – (Jessica Reynolds): Abi may be presenting a draft of the Freedom of Choice bill next week. Jessica will write a short brief to the membership.  She reviewed two new bills that are being introduced (SB00076 and LC0462).  The first would allow suspension of license as an alternative to disciplinary procedures.  Limited information is available on this.  Jessica will investigate further.  The second bill allows for a certain number of visits per year for SLP, OT and PT for individuals with Down syndrome.  There was discussion regarding this bill and whether or not MSHA should support it.  Ultimately, it was decided that MSHA would support this.
      1. MOTION – Rachel made a motion to support LC0462 as written and MSHA will write a letter stating same. This was seconded by Jenn.  The motion passed.

      Jessica updated the Board regarding the other licensure board issues already on the table.  There have been multiple requests for budget numbers from the licensure board that have not yielded any results.  Rachel suggests separating the two issues (telepractice and fees) and forming two groups to deal with these issues.  Diane will take the lead on the telepractice issue and Jessica will take the lead on the fee issue.

    3. Ethics – (Lisa Cannon): Lisa has not received any notices from the licensure board, but feels that she is out of the loop as she hasn’t received any communications from them in a long time. Apparently, there had been a closed session about a disciplinary action but MSHA was not notified of this.
    4. Continuing Education – (Valeria Schmauch): The CEUs from the fall convention went through fine and she will write something for the Communicator regarding this. Information regarding ASHA CEUs is available on the MSHA website.  Jenn raised an issue regarding MSHA cooperative events and stated that we need to be clear about the rules regarding fees and administration.  For example, she was the presenter at a recent cooperative event and was also responsible for the administration of CEU forms.  Can we do a better job about enforcing the rules in the future?
    5. Licensure – (Rachel Stansberry): No formal report was submitted but Rachel discussed rotating a MSHA Board member to attend every licensure board meeting so that MSHA can have a stronger presence. Several Board members agreed and volunteered.  Rachel will create a list of the dates and times of the meetings.  Board members will then sign up and will be responsible for updating the group with a summary.
      1. MOTION – Rachel made a motion to create a rotating position for Licensure Board Liaison with said individual reporting back to the MSHA Board. This was seconded by Lisa.  The motion passed.
    6. Summer Institute – (Diane Simpson/Jenn Closson): Jenn stated that Doug Doty will cosponsor the event and it will be free to attend. This may detract from the attendance at the fall convention but it was decided this is ok.
    7. Telepractice – (Diane Simpson): Diane updated the group regarding research she has been doing about how other states deal with and regulate telepractice. Sixteen states have regulations, but Montana is the only state to require four hours of training.  She would like to survey the special educators to gauge awareness and interest in the topic.  Rachel would like to get the word out about how to base out of a home.
    8. SEAL – No report filed
    9. Fall Convention – (Rachel Stansberry): The Crowne Plaza in Billings has been secured for the 2015 convention. Rachel gave a list of the SLP presenters who have been contacted.  The audiology speakers have not yet been secured.  Catherine will work with Kristy Foss to secure audiology speakers and will report back as soon as it has been finalized.  Rachel asked whether or not MSHA would like to have a dedicated/paid convention organizer to remove some of the workload from the Board.  Everyone agreed.
      1. MOTION – Rachel made a motion to offer a $1500 contract with convention fees covered to an organizer for the 2015 convention. An offer for 2016 would be extended contingent on the 2015 result.  This was seconded by Jenn.  The motion passed.

      Rachel asked whether or not we want to offer the convention via a remote medium.  She will look into “Goto Meeting” and will report back.  She has secured the Great Northern Hotel in Helena for the 2016 convention and is looking at venues for 2017.

    10. SMAC/STARS – (Rachel Stansberry): Report summarized by Rachel. Carol will have a blog on the new website (which has already been built).  Rachel would like to get more Medicaid information out to the school-based providers and will ask Carol if she would do some quarterly webinars.
    11. Advisory Council – No report submitted
    12. Prevention – (Diane Simpson): She is looking at TBI prevention information to distribute.
    13. CSPD – (Jenn Closson): Jenn attended the CSPD meeting. There is an unknown bill on the table regarding extending education to special needs individuals through age 21.  She would like MSHA to write a letter of support for this once the actual bill has been identified.  She discussed the development of an evidence-based assessment form to use when evaluating programs.  Paraprofessional’s week is February 2 – 6th.  She would like to print certificates to give to the SLP aides.
    14. Website – (Jenn Closson): The page will be active soon, hopefully by the end of the month. Jenn has submitted a closure report to ASHA.  She requested a short bio and photo from the Board members so that these can be posted on the website.  SMAC/STARS information will be uploaded.  Paypal needs to be set up and uploaded.  Jenn requested that some work happen with the mission statement.
    15. Public Relations – No report submitted
    16. Regulations – (Rachel Stansberry): This position is currently vacant. Discussion regarding dissolving the committee since so much of this is being done by Jessica and PAC.
      1. MOTION – Shar made a motion to dissolve the Regulations Committee since all of these duties are being handled by the PAC. Catherine seconded the motion.  The motion passed.
    17. Student/SCHWA – (Amy Glaspey): Amy gave an update of student activities which included attendance at ASHA, fundraising and advocacy day. The students have been very active and continue to have several ongoing projects.
    18. Scholarship – (Rachel Stansberry): Rachel will continue to chair this committee, but someone will shadow and then take over this duty. Since the scholarship fund has a healthy balance of $2800, the committee would like to offer two scholarships this year.
    19. MOTION – Rachel made a motion that MSHA offer two scholarships of $750 to graduate students following the same criteria previously used. This format will be evaluated annually based on finances.  Jenn seconded the motion.  The motion passed.
  4. May is Better Speech and Hearing Month – (Jenn Closson)Jenn stated that she has a goal of creating/finding and distributing a flyer regarding SLP scope of practice.
  5. UM Graduation Luncheon – (Jenn Closson)Jenn updated everyone about the annual luncheon hosted by MSHA for the graduates.  She would like to continue this as it builds good relations with the graduates.  Rachel will attend this year.
  6. 2015 Grants, Awards & Applications – (Jenn Closson)Jenn requested that everyone think about nominees for the various awards that are available.  She will send a survey to the membership about this.  The ASHA grant deadline is March 19th.  Jenn and Rachel will work on the grant application requesting assistance for professional fees for Abi.
  7. Facebook Page – (Rachel Stansberry)Rachel wants to make sure that the Facebook page is current.  She would also like to create a page on Pinterest in an attempt to reach more folks.  Jenn will create a Pinterest page and link it to the Facebook page.  Diane noted that only a handful of professions had volunteered to be a mentor on the Facebook page and no students had taken advantage of this feature.  Amy will remind the students of this option.
  8. Mission Statement/By-law Review – (Rachel Stansberry)Rachel and Jenn would like to review and revise the mission statement.  Jennifer Rindal volunteered to do this.  The current By-laws will be reviewed and revised (if needed) by Jennifer Rindal, Rachel and Diane.  Catherine also volunteered to help with either project.
  9. Spring CSAP/Fall ASHA – (Rachel Stansberry)Rachel stated that she will not be attending the Spring CSAP meeting as she would rather allocate those funds for the fall convention.  Jennifer Rindal will attend the Fall CSAP meeting as it is being held in Denver.  Since ASHA is also being held in Denver, MSHA will get a free registration.  Discussion regarding this resulted in either having Jennifer Rindal use it or split it amongst the Board members who attend.
  10. Archiving Old Materials – (Rachel Stansberry)Discussion of the best way to deal with historical files, information, minutes, etc.  Jenn reminded the Board that we had previously decided to scan the files and keep them electronically.  This can be a student project.  Further discussion and decision was tabled until the next meeting.
  11. Review of 2014 Goals and Set 2015 Goals – (Rachel Stansberry)Rachel stated that “2014 was awesome and will be hard to beat.”  She established some general goals such as keeping MSHA involved at the national level, maintaining MSHA membership and increasing involvement, increasing professional involvement in the poster session at the conference, having a greater visibility with licensure and legislative issues.  She requested that Board members brainstorm about these and other potential goals.
  12. Next Meeting DateThis was not set.  Rachel will send out a Doodle poll and then set the date and location of the next meeting.

With no other business being brought forward for discussion, a MOTION was made by Rachel for adjournment.  This was seconded by Jenn.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.