MSHA members in action.

MSHA Board Members + Descriptions

President Lezlie Pearce-Hopper
Past President Catherine Drescher
President Elect Kathleen DeLapp-Cohen
Secretary Shelby Midboe
SLP at Large- Emily Stafslien
Audiology at Large Kristy Foss
Treasurer Sharlene Scmidt
Political Action: Jessica Reynolds
UM Liaison Julie Wolter
CSD Student Liaison


President – Plans and resides over all Executive Board meetings, represents MSHA in all matters affecting the membership, oversees the annual convention (planning and execution) and maintains contact with the Montana Licensure Board regarding vacancies and other issues.  One year term.

President-Elect – Oversees all standing and ad hoc committees, collects committee reports for Executive Board meetings, audits the Treasurer’s books on an annual basis and represents MSHA in all matters affecting the membership in the absence of the President.  One year term, becomes President the following year.

Past-President – Submits nominations for vacant Executive  Board positions, conducts the election of Board members at the annual convention, reviews and coordinates the Bylaws of the organization and acts as liaison between the Executive Board and the university programs.  One year term following the Presidency year.

Secretary – Keeps accurate minutes of all Executive Board and annual business meetings, acts as chair of the Membership and Publications committees, and oversees the accounting of membership.  Two year term.

Treasurer – Maintains the financial books for the organization, writes all checks and keeps track of  income and expenses; prepares and presents organizational budget to the membership at the annual business meeting; submits financial information to outside agency for audit and reports the result back to the Executive Board.  Two year term.

Audiology Member at Large – This position is typically held by the MAG President.  Acts as chair of the Ethics committee, and reports all violations of the MSHA Code of Ethics to the Executive Board.  One year term.

SLP Member at Large – Acts as chair of the Honors committee, reviews nominations and submits them for approval of the Board.  One year term.

Student Representative – Acts as a bridging agent between the organization and the students enrolled in University SLP and Audiology programs.  One year term.